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Ask an Expert for your car rental needs

Step 1

Get Assistance for Travel Date or Book Online

Get assistance through our variety of cars. When searching for a car, make sure to include your preferred dates & coding exemption, price, features etc. to get the most accurate fit for your needs.

Online car for hires booking or reservations

Step 2

Submit your Documents to Us

When booking for the first time, you will be asked to share your details such as driving license, passport, digitize government issued ID’s. You will be notified on the outcome of your booking request within the hour.

Enjoy the best car rental rate using cash payment

Step 3

Place Booking Fees and Pick-up the car

Upon acknowledging and confirming your booking, kindly deposit the reservation payments. Bring along your original driving license with OR and passport or digitize government issued ID’s when you collect the car from our pickup point. We do not accept photocopied ID's and you risk forfeiting your booking and reservation fees.


MMDA car number coding scheme

On coding day, you are not allowed to drive the car between certain hours in Metro Manila. Kindly planned your destination and time schedule to avoid a penalty for failing to comply with MMDA rules. If there is a vehicle number plate, it will supersede your conduction sticker to determine if you are eligible to use the road. Your coding day will depend on the last digit of your car number plate or conduction sticker.  For example; car ending digit is "1" or "2", you have road restriction usage in Metro Manila on "Monday".

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