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Return Car Policy

  • All car returns are accepted from 7am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday (except for public holidays).

  • We will impose additional charges for return outside the agreed day, time and locations.

  • Only the main hirer will be able to return the car and discharge the contract. No other representative will be entertained.

  • If you have an outstanding balance with us, kindly settle your arrears on or before the return date.

Rental return direction NAIA airport

Always improving the driving experience

We value your feedback. Report any irregularities or malfunction during your drive to helps us identify and detect early faults. Your inputs are important to us as this ensure the safety on subsequent drivers. We review those inputs to ensure that everyone is as respectful as you are.

If you had an accident whether it is major or minor, please inform us and secure a police report. Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may encounter.

Safety is never a compromise or begs for forgiveness. Our specially trained incident response teams are available around the clock to handle any urgent safety concerns that arise.

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